Educational Initiative

It has become overwhelmingly clear that the vast knowledge of science accrued in the past century is understood by relatively few. More alarmingly, fundamentalism in manifold strains is on the rise. As the youth of the world are distracted by technology, a belief in magic has grown more normative as the entry points into the vast history of ideas has diminished.

Imperative is a reversal of the mystification of our world at the hands of technocratic oligarchs. The education of children around the globe is key to changing this trend. Although great stride have been made to bring the heights of scientific understanding to those whose fortunes are amongst the lucky, it is time to address the poorest segment of humanity

I am working with like minded folks to create an initiative to bring the greatest perspective available from the history of ideas, specifically in science, to those historically least likely to be in the know. The alternative to sharing the wonder, passion, and sense of comeraderie that our human history provides, is stuff of distopian novels.


2022 Time reversal-odd effects in QCD and beyond
2020 Analog Kapitza-Dirac Effect in Atom Optic Bragg Scattering

QED and QCD Connections in Quantum Field Theory
Christine Aidala
University of Michigan

Theoretical Atomic Optics
Paul .R. Berman
University of Michigan

Super Conducting Vortex Interaction Simulations on a Lattice
Franco Nori
University of Michigan

Analytic Predictions in Colloidal Simulations
Charles Reichhardt
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Experimental design, and fabrication for SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
Paul Horowitz
Harvard University

Theoretical Quantum Computation
Dr. Andrzej Lesniewski
Harvard University

Experimental work on Cytochrome C
Charles P. Scholes
State University of New York at Albany